Cold Specks
“Blank Maps”
I’ve been listening to Cold Specks a lot lately and I’ve been loving it.  I’m not crazy about the music video for the song but I always prefer live music anyway, so here’s a live version of the song..
It almost doesn’t look like she could be the one singing the song but I really enjoyed that she didn’t even flinch when her headphones fell off at like 1:18 into the video, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Yeah, that phrase has been pounded into the ground for the last couple of months but I’ve never used it so I thought I’d get it in here before it is completely “so 6 months ago.”  The only complaint I have with the live version (and it’s a small one) is that it doesn’t get the same build up as the recorded version because it’s a solo performance and doesn’t have a backing band.
Here’s my second favorite song from the album in case you love “Blank Maps” as much as I did.

“The Mark”